The Einstitute

Welcome to, the Coaching professionals

The Einstitute is a professional, thoughtful, tailored response to organizational needs for an intelligent appreciation of, and practical solutions to the challenges they face in business.

The Einstitute is founded by Melarkode Narasimhan [MHN], a certified Executive and Business Coach and a highly talented and expereinced group of Indian Pharma Industry sales and marketing professionals to provide the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry with meaningful executive learning and development support.

At the Einstitute we have packaged thousands of hours of faculty experience of practical, on the job experience in sales, marketing, training and related management skills into practical learning programs that effectively address the many issues faced by key players in Line / Sales Management functions and Product Management functions.

We focus on 3 areas

Executive and Business Coaching for senior management

Followership Development

Sales, Marketing and Product Management Development